Corbets Tey School is a forward looking school for pupils with Complex Learning Needs. The school is a state maintained, foundation special school situated in Upminster, Essex in the south east of the London Borough of Havering. Approximately 110 children and young people attend the school aged 4 to 16, all of whom have statements or Education Healthcare Plans detailing particular personal educational needs including communication and interaction difficulties, Autism, and a number of medical syndromes. The school age range has recently been extended and a new provision was established in September 2016 catering for Post 16 students at CTS @ The Avelon site in Rainham. The school was awarded Specialist Status in Communication and Interaction since 2007, successfully re-designating in 2010. The school established an internal specialist department within the school, individual language and communication programmes throughout the school and an outreach advisory service to support language and communication development work in other schools in the borough. Governors and staff at the school are firmly committed to the care of the children who attend the school. Our aim is to enable all pupils to achieve their maximum academic, physical and moral achievement so that they may ultimately make their valued contribution to society and to prepare them for adult life.The school aims to become a Centre of Excellence in support of its own pupils and the local school community.Children and young people can be admitted at any time during the academic year but it has become usual in recent years for the school to have its full complement by the beginning of the school academic year.All pupils coming to the school have a statement of Special Educational Needs.  Admission is through Havering SEN department who have a panel to decide when admission to our school may be appropriate.  The SEN Education Department is based at London Borough of Havering, Mercury House, Mercury Gardens, Romford, Essex – see London Borough of Havering Policy Arrangements for Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs.Visitors are very welcome to our school.

To view the school please contact  Sophie Lewis on 01708 225888 or by email:  

If you would like to book a visit to our Post 16 site Corbets Tey @ The Avelon, contact should be made on 01708 225888 or by email: