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Corbets Tey School and CTS @ The Avelon Risk Assessment and Approach to our system of Controls Sept 2021

School Policies and Progress Reports

The below policies have been reviewed and to the best of our knowledge, we do not feel that they impact negatively on any group or individual within our school community.

Equality Impact Assessment The school aims to design and implement services, policies and procedures that meet the diverse needs of our service, population and workforce, ensuring that none are placed at an unreasonable or unfair disadvantage over othersIn the development of these policies, the school has considered impact with regard to equalities legislation, and to the best of our knowledge we do not feel that they impact negatively on any group or individual within our school community.

Safeguarding and Student Safety Policies Easy Read Versions
Safeguarding Code of Conduct (September 2020)
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (January 2021) Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Easy Read
COVID-19 Policy Adjustments – School Adult and Child Safeguarding and Child Protection (March 2020)
 Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy (November 2020)
Anti Bullying Policy (November 2020)  Anti-Bullying Policy Easy Read
Attendance Policy (November 2020)  Attendance Policy Easy Read
Behaviour Management Policy (May 2021)  Behaviour Policy Easy Read
Policy for the Education and Welfare of Children who are Looked After (CLA) and those who have been Previously Looked After (PLA) Policy (November 2020)
Intimate Care Policy (November 2020) Intimate Care Policy (February 2020) Easy Read
Mentoring Protocol (November 2020)
Peer on Peer Abuse Policy (September 2020)
Physical Intervention Policy (November 2020)
Preventing Extremism & Radicalisation Policy (November 2020)
Relationship and Sex Education Policy (May 2021)
Safer Recruitment for School Based Staff Policy (February 2021)
Whistleblowing and Managing Allegations Policy (September 2020)
Computing and Online Safety Policies Easy Read Versions
Computing Policy (November 2020)
Mobile Phone & Handheld Device Policy (November 2020)
Remote Learning Policy (November 2020)
Online Safety Policy (May 2021)
Online Safety Framework
Online Safety Guidance – What do we do if? (November 2020)
Online Security Policy (November 2020)
Social Media Policy (November 2020)
Health and Safety Policies Easy Read Versions
Administration and Storage of Medication Policy (May 2021)
Animals In School Policy (06/02/2019)
Emergency Evacuation Policy and Fire Action Plan (March 2021)
Health and Safety Policy (November 2020)
Health Care and First Aid Policy (November 2020)
Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy (May 2021)
School Security Policy Easy Read
Transportation Policy (November 2020)
Workplace Smoking Policy (November 2020)
Curriculum Policies Easy Read Versions
Emotional and Physical Wellbeing Policy (February 2021)
Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) and Citizenship Policy (February 2021)
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development and Promoting British Values Policy (February 2021)
Teaching and Learning Policy (November 2020)
Accessibility and Equality Policies Easy Read Versions
Accessibility Plan (November 2020) Accessibility Policy Easy Read
Admissions Policy (LA SEN Policy Part 2) 05/10/2017
Admissions Process
Children and Young People with Health Needs who cannot attend school policy (November 2020)
Equal Opportunities Policy (16/06/2021)
Identifying and Providing for Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Policy (April 2021)
SEN Annual Information Report 2020-21
Multicultural Education and EAL Policy (November 2020)
Race Equality and Racial Incidents Policy (November 2020)
Single Equality Policy (January 2020)
Single Equality Scheme Objectives Progress (June 2021)
Other Policies Easy Read Versions
Adverse Weather Policy (November 2020)
Alcohol and Drugs Misuse Policy for Students (November 2020)
Assessment Policy (February 2021)
Complaints Policy (September 2020) Complaints Policy Easy Read
Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints Policy (September 2020)
Educational Visits Policy (May 2021)
Examination Appeals Policy (November 2020)
Exclusions Policy (May 2021)
Parent / Carer Partnership and Communication Policy (November 2020)
Records Management Policy (November 2020)
Provider Access Statement (Autumn 2020)
CTS at The Avelon (Post 16) Easy Read Versions
Fire Action Plan (Avelon) (February 2021)
Human Resources Policies Easy Read Versions
Safer Recruitment and Selection policy (06/02/2019)
Pension Scheme Automatic Enrolment factsheet
Finance Policies Easy Read Versions
Charging and Remissions Policy (November 2020)
Credit Control Policy (November 2020)
Hospitality and Gifts Policy and Procedure (November 2020)
Inventory Control Policy and Procedures (November 2020)
Lettings Policy (November 2020)
Governor Policies Easy Read Versions
Governor Code of Conduct 2019/20
Governor Visits Policy (November 2020)
Scheme for paying governors’ allowances (November 2020)