Visitors are very welcome to our school and this includes prospective parents.

Parents or carers are welcome to contact the school, but if you are interested in applying for a place at Corbets Tey School or CTS@The Avelon, please initially contact the Havering SEN Assessment and Placement Team.  They can be contacted by phone: 01708 431 885 or email:

The Special Educational Needs Department
London Borough of Havering
Town Hall,
Main Road,

Click here for more detail on the the admission process to our school.

If you would like to view the school, contact should be made to Sophie Lewis on 01708 225888 or by email:

School Contact Details

Primary and Secondary:
Corbets Tey School
Harwood Hall Lane
RM14 2YQTel: 01708 225888
Post 16 Provision:
Corbets Tey @ The Avelon
100 Avelon Road
RM13 7DHTel: 01708 222366

For your information, all phone calls (incoming and outgoing) on the school phone system may be recorded for quality assurance, Data Protection and Child Safety purposes.

Requests for Paper Copies

If a parent would like a paper copy of the information on this website including any policies, this can be arranged.  Please contact the school office on 01708 225888 or by email

General Enquiries: