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    This information is dedicated to parents and carers of students currently attending our school.

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    Requests for paper copies

    If a parent would like a paper copy of the information on this website including any policies, this can be arranged.  Please contact the school office on 01708 225888 or by email office@corbetstey.havering.sch.uk

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  • School Meals

    Corbets Tey School use Havering Catering Services (HCS) to provide all School Meals.

    Payment for school meals is made via an online system called sQuid.  Click here to login to the sQuid School Meals Payment System.


    Information from Havering Catering Services (HCS) about Natasha’s Law

    Natasha’s Law came into effect on 1st October 2021. As a service, HCS have taken the necessary steps to ensure compliance.

    One of the requirements of the Law is to ensure the relevant information (allergen and ingredients data), is accessible and available at the point of pre-ordering to ensure an informed choice. HCS have produced access to this data for school trips via: https://www.haveringcatering.co.uk/schooldata/school-trip-packed-lunch

    To manage stock and ordering, HCS require that all pre-orders are collated and submitted to the kitchen with a minimum of 5 working days’ notice.

    In our school, we need orders for packed lunches for school trips is received by Wednesday in the previous week to the trip.  Parents and Carers should be advised that they can view the to the allergens, nutrition and ingredients information at https://wba.kafoodle.com/15672

    If a student requires an emergency packed lunch on the day of the trip we will always obtain parent or carers permission and ensure awareness of the allergens, nutrition and ingredients information at the time.

  • Home Learning Support

    Education City
    Education City is an online learning platform providing engaging, educational resources and games for students. We have used this resource in school for a number of years and offer free access for all students of our school to use at home.

    To log in at home you will need your young person’s login details. Please ask your class teacher for your credentials.  Once you are logged in you will be able to access a range of learning activities covering English, Maths, Science and Computing Units by Year Group.

    London Grid for Learning
    Corbets Tey School are a London Grid for Learning subscribing school and therefore all of our students can login to access a wealth of free SEND learning resources at home.

     Some of the wonderful resources include:

    To log in at home you will need your young persons’s login details. Please ask your class teacher for your credentials.  Then click on the red ‘Normal USO login’ button and enter the LGFL username and password

    Clicker Writing Support
    Clicker is a complete writing solution providing just the right level of support and challenge. Young people can confidently tackle writing tasks with help from Clicker’s realistic speech feedback, audio note recorder and intelligent word prediction. The software includes access to a growing bank of editable topic specific sentence building activities, word banks and writing frames, and it is also easy to create your own.

    For a quick introduction to Clicker please visit the Cricksoft website.

    There are different ways to access Clicker:

    1. Our families can install and use the new Clicker Writer app free of charge on an iPad or Chromebook.  This first needs to be installed to the device and then the the site licence credentials on first use.  Please ask your class teacher for these credentials.

    2. Clicker 8 can also be accessed through installed software used on a computer (PC or Mac).  Please ask your class teacher for the licence code and instructions.

    5 A Day Fitness
    We use 5-a-day Fitness at school to increase daily physical activity in classes with online 5‑minute exercise routines, and 2‑minute chill-out routines. Our school has also purchased Home Access so parents and carers can login and use the resources at home.

    Sign in from home
    Please ask your class teacher for the login credentials

    Home Activities
    Click here for some suggested activities you can try at home with your child to support learning
    Home Activities
    Recommended iPad Apps

    Online Learning Resources
    During our parent training sessions some free online learning resources for parents were recommended.
    The links below will take you to the these activities:
    Phonics Play
    ICT Games
    Galactic Phonics
    Top Marks

    Barefoot Computing
    The Barefoot website includes a range of enjoyable activities, designed by teaching professionals for families to do at home with young people.

    Learning Together Activities
    Fun and creative activities, built by teachers to help guide your child through fundamental parts of the computing curriculum without the need for screen time. They include everything you need to get started with activity sheets and accompanying materials

    Mini Missions
    Quick, easy to do mini activities provide fun ideas to get children practising their computational thinking skills.  Split into the six computational thinking concepts it’s easy to discover new ways to introduce and reinforce learning from school and at home.

    Interactive Learning Games
    Online games for children to explore. These fun activities are Barefoot inspired and apply computational thinking concepts to promote learning while playing.

  • Useful Links


    Here is a Powerpoint presentation overview of the social security benefits available to disabled children, older teenagers and their parents and carers and how welfare reform may affect them – Benefits Presentation

    Topics covered included:

    • Benefits for younger children
    • Benefits for older teenagers and young adults
    • Benefits for parents and carers

    Contact A Family Support  Helpline Know Your Rights

    Cerebra which has a wide range of information booklets (including Anxiety Guide for Parents, DLA guide, Managing Challenging Behaviour, Social Care in England, Toilet Training for Children with Autism, among many other topics.
    Guides For Parents
    They also have news items and even provide individual grants, a sleep advice service and holiday homes for children with neurological conditions.
    Help and Information


  • Adverse Weather or School Closure

    Click Here for Open Check to check the status of the school.

    This easy-to-use service will tell you if the school is open or closed in case of emergency, severe weather or any news which may affect children’s ability to attend or access the school. OpenCheck is also available via ParentComms:Mobile as an app available for all popular smart phones, ensuring that Parents and carers have a choice of options for keeping up to date.

    The school policy is that we will aim to keep the school open if at all possible but safety of students and staff will always be a primary consideration in this.

    As many students travel to school using community transport, their decision on whether to run the transport service will affect the numbers of students attending school during adverse weather. A small number of students also travel to school by car and public transport and parents/carers will be able to make their own decision with regard to the safety of bringing their children to school.

    The severity of the weather and how many staff can get to school will impact on our ability to stay open. Many of our staff travel quite long distances and from fairly remote areas and so their ability to get to school will affect this.

    Our main considerations in remaining open will be:
    • Numbers of staff available to keep the children safe and secure
    • Numbers of first aid/medication trained staff on site
    • Safety of the school site

    As we may be unable to determine these factors by the time the children leave home on school buses, we may have to decide to close the school later in the morning if we do not have adequate staffing.

    Therefore, in deciding to place your child on the school bus in the morning, you should be aware that you may be required to collect your child if the school cannot remain open.

    As the school operates on two sites, Harwood Hall Lane and Avelon Road (including CT@TA Post 16 and Routes 4 Life Post 19 provisions), closure decisions may be made separately and independently based on the conditions and staffing levels and any other factors affecting each site.  Separate decisions will therefore be made and communicated for both sites.

    We would urge you to regularly check the school website as we will post information here via the Open Check link. If you do not have access to the Internet, please try to obtain contact details of someone who can check this for you. Please also see the instructions attached to receive communication through the ParentComms App and AutoText. Click here for instructions on how to use this service.