Corbets Tey School use Havering Catering Services (HCS) to provide all School Meals.

Payment for school meals is made via an online system called sQuid.

Click here to login to the sQuid School Meals Payment System.


Information from Havering Catering Services (HCS) about Natasha’s Law

Natasha’s Law came into effect on 1st October 2021. As a service, HCS have taken the necessary steps to ensure compliance.

One of the requirements of the Law is to ensure the relevant information (allergen and ingredients data), is accessible and available at the point of pre-ordering to ensure an informed choice. HCS have produced access to this data for school trips via:

To manage stock and ordering, HCS require that all pre-orders are collated and submitted to the kitchen with a minimum of 5 working days’ notice.

In our school, we need orders for packed lunches for school trips is received by Wednesday in the previous week to the trip.  Parents and Carers should be advised that they can view the to the allergens, nutrition and ingredients information at

If a student requires an emergency packed lunch on the day of the trip we will always obtain parent or carers permission and ensure awareness of the allergens, nutrition and ingredients information at the time.