Staying Safe Online

This school has a clear, progressive online-safety education programme as part of the Computing/PSHE curriculum. It is built on LA/LGfL online safeguarding and online literacy framework for EYFS to Y6/national guidance. This covers a range of skills and behaviours appropriate to the likely risk to each individual based on:

  • Level of independence in searching for online content
  • Ability to recognise the significance of inappropriate content
  • Understanding of what is inappropriate online behaviour or online content
  • Online behaviour that could pose a safety risk to themselves or others (use of gaming, social media or other unrestricted, open communication platform)

The relevance of the online safety taught to each student is appropriate and relevant, taking all of the above factors into account. The online safety skills and behaviours taught generally reflect the curriculum pathway of each student to cater for their level of risk.

Our Online Safety Policy and Online Safety Framework has been developed in line with the cross-curricular framework ‘Education for a Connected World’ from UKCIS (the UK Council for Internet Safety).

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