Jeff Stafford (Vice Chair, GDPR, Health and Safety)


I have been a governor at Corbets Tey School for over four years now and everything about the school makes me feel proud to be associated with it.  The Leadership Team and all the staff are constantly moving forward in providing our pupils with equal opportunities and the highest quality education that they deserve.  

The Parents and Friend’s Association have been fundamental in relieving the constant pressure on the School, to raise money to improve facilities for pupils and we, as Governors, remain amazed at their efforts!

No longer do pupils and their families have to stress about the next part of their journey after year 11, as the 16 – 19 provision at the Avelon Centre is now well established and I look forward to improving our governance of both establishments for many years to come.

I will continue to help raise the profile of the School and strive to ensure that our children are prepared for the future, both through engaging, meaningful education and by developing confidence, self-belief and resilience. 

“Corbets Tey School – Committed To Success” is a very worthy “strapline” and long may it continue.