Karen Hoffman

I have worked at Corbets Tey School for 26 years.

Prior to working here, I worked for a large International Company as  PA to the Chairman and Manging Director.  After many years there, I then went on to work for the Metropolitan Police, before leaving to have my children.

I have two children.  When my youngest started school, I returned to work, starting out at Corbets Tey as a 1:1 for a pupil with extremely complex needs. I then continued to work in the classroom, before moving into the Administration Team and became PA to the former Headteacher.  I now hold the position of Senior Administrative Officer and am responsible for the daily management of site security, safety and responsibility for school buildings and premises, together with the administration of all areas of school Health and Safety systems to ensure that we are totally compliant with LA expectation.

One of my main reasons for wishing to become a Governor is to be able to voice the interests and concerns of the staff as a whole.

I care deeply about this school, which is evident by the number of years I have worked here and I would like to further my involvement by helping the school to become even more successful in its care and education of children with Special Educational Needs.