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Kim Huggins

I have lived and worked both in the UK and the USA focusing on providing daily support to special needs children and adults. I have had first-hand knowledge of how rewarding it is to be a part of a process, which helps individuals reach their personal goals and targets.  I also have a wonderful son with Special Needs in a mainstream school, so fully understand how tough, yet rewarding, raising and developing a youngster with additional challenges can be. I am keen for the key principles and practices of Corbets Tey School to permeate into the wider community to break down such barriers and allow all children and young adults to achieve and succeed.

I am a specialist clinical negligence solicitor and my preference for being a support link and a hands on community member to special needs children, adults and their families/carers has not waivered.  I find it hugely rewarding to assist, support and represent children and adults with injuries and disabilities, ensuring that each of my client’s long term needs are explored and planned for and the costs met, for long after a claim concludes. Linked to this I have been involved with my firm in visiting Corbets Tey School for the last five years, joining in at Harvest Festival and assisting in the annual Christmas Card Competition.